Replacing Wear Strips

Replacing Wear Strips

Nov 10th 2021

Many of our aluminum and poly snow shovels and pushers have replaceable high-carbon steel wear strips or plates. Replacement kits contain one strip or plate and the corresponding number of rivets. They are available from dealers or may be ordered from our online store.

Be sure to replace the wear strip before the edge of the blade is damaged.

A printable version of these direction may be downloaded here.

1. Wear safety glasses while working!

2. Using a 3/16" bit, drill out old rivets from the back side of the shovel.

3. Lay the shovel face down on a hard surface such as an anvil or solid concrete. Place the new wear strip along the BACK of the blade. Working with one rivet at a time, push rivets from the FRONT through holes in blade then wear strip.

4. Strike the back of each rivet with a hammer until flattened TIGHTLY against the back of the new wear strip. (Soft smash-down rivets are provided so no special tool is needed.)